L’oreal Colour Richie no.602 Perlede Jade Swatch&Review

Pastel Greens, Pistachios and Jades!

The next spring nail trend colour is one of my favourites, the pale greens reminding me of the early morning dew that dot the new sprung tree leaves and flowers. This colour feels so rejuvenating, fresh and crisp, I could almost smell the fresh air of Spring! It simply reminds me that I would be spending a lot more time outdoors this season and I am eagerly awaiting the days to get longer and warmer so that I can wear sundresses and flounce around in the fields.

This colour was inspired by Dior’s Spring 2012 Garden Party Collection, Waterlily, which is a shimmery pale green scented polish. Unfortunately, it is not the best colour dupe for this, but it is still a colour in trend this season. This polish also does not have shimmer in it, and I will continue searching for a dupe for this before actually considering purchasing Waterlily as I do love the colour!

Dior Waterlily – about £18 (depending on whether you get it online, you can find deals for about £15 even)

This polish definitely has much cooler undertones and is more greenish in comparison to Perlede Jade, which is more blueish in its undertones.

Perlede Jade is more similar to Butter London’s Spring 2012 Collection in Bossy Boots, which is an opaque pistachio colour.

Bossy Boots £12

L’oreal Perlede Jade In light:

It is pretty true to the colour in the bottle when under a bright light in the day! (2 coats to opaque)

L’oreal Perlede Jade In shade:

It becomes slightly darker with a blueish undertone when seen in the shade, hence the colour here is not true to the bottle in this scenario. I know it looks pretty different, I was surprised to see how dark it appeared in the shade as well, almost as dark as China Glaze’s For Audrey.

This applies on much more beautifully than no.202 Marie Antoinette, which takes 5-6 coats to become opaque, this takes only about 2, so I was real happy with that!

Price wise, £4.99 each, buy 2 get 1 free from boots!

After seeing the colour comparisons, I would say this definitely isn’t a dupe for Waterlily, but it is a colour that I bought with the Waterlily shades in mind!

I hope this helped you in some way, or at least to avoid getting this if you want a more authentic dupe,haha.. But I do love this polish, it’s easy to apply and dries real quick, so I do recommend this still =)




What do you think? love, Sianne

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