Spring 2012 Nail Polish Haul

I was never really a fan of Spring until recently, as I never knew how much of a relief the coming of spring was from the cold winter days. Living in Singapore which is hot, humid and rainy all year round, I guess I took the 12hours of sunshine for granted! Arriving in UK in the dead of Winter doesn’t exactly give you the most cheery feeling.. Finally being able to experience the turn of seasons for the first time, I have truly come to appreciate how a bright pop of colour just brightens up my day =) Seeing the sun shining beyond 5pm, seeing people start to picnic in the parks once more, and simply feeling the sun on my face has been glorious! This season has all the bright colours, pastels, prints and nautical trends, and obviously, I have not a single bright or daring colour in my oh-so-dull nail polish collection. so… it gives me the perfect excuse for a nail polish haul!!!

I stopped over at the megabig boots store at Westfield and went a little nuts choosing nailpolishes so.. here goes!

I’ll be trying out each of the individual polishes in time so I’ll be posting on the individual swatches! (already did for one: https://brushesandbelle.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/loreal-colour-richie-no-202-marie-antoinette-swatchreview/

From LtoR: L’oreal Colour Richie in 202 Marie Antoinette, 602 Perlede Jade & 503 Addictive Plum

From LtoR: Topshop Hidden Treasure & Mermaid (love the names!)

From LtoR: Barry M in 299 Racing Green (emerald green), 134 Yellow, 292 Navy

From LtoR: 17 in Glisten, Mellow Yellow & Spring Petal

From LtoR: H&M’s Strawberry Lollipop, Summer Sunshine, Pale Violet & Pear Icecream

I so love H&M’s nailpolishes, love the way they apply, and love the way it is opaque in one coat, so I do have high hopes for these polishes and can’t wait to try them out =)

I’m thinking of a bright pink next… I haven’t worn bright pink on my nails for years haha.. what do you guys think? ^^




What do you think? love, Sianne

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