Sleek Makeup Palette Review and Swatches! The Original, Sunset, & Oh So Special

So here’s the deal.. I’ve been hunting for makeup palettes that don’t cost too much but are still of good quality and pigmentation. I know I could probably get my hands on a coastal scents or an elf palette, but I honestly think that paying for these palette in pounds would cause me to lose out on the exchange rate. Besides, I would be able to get them when I go back to Singapore and visit the Smoochiezz warehouse again!

After a few days of research and watching youtube videos to get the opinion of the UK makeup artists, I came across a highstreet (drugstore) makeup brand called Sleek. I’ve probably passed by it dozens of times in Superdrug (equivalent of CVS,Walgreens in USA and Watsons,Guardian in Singapore) but never realled explored the rack. Though you can get it online, I was still a little skeptical about the pigmentation and all, so I made a trip down to check out the physical products in Superdrug.

I was honestly pretty impressed by the quality and pigmentation of all their eyeshadows and powder blushes! I heard that the blush colour Rose Gold was a dupe for NARS’ Orgasm. After swatching Rose Gold on my hand, cause it was sold out =( and I couldn’t get it, I realized it had more peachy undertones than Orgasm which is more pinky. Rose Gold is also slightly more pigmented and has more gold in it than Orgasm does. That being said, it is the closest dupe I’ve seen in the market in terms of texture and lustre. You definitely can’t complain when it’s only £4.30! An absolute steal compared to £21! Pretty Impressive Sleek. Unfortunately, I was unable to buy it in the store AND online so I’m still on a hunt for that. Here are some pictures from this blog who’s done comparison swatches!

Now on to the eye palette swatches! I purchased 3 palettes; The Original (594), Sunset (568) and Oh So Special (658). Each cost £6.49 and contained 12 lovely colours with a dual end sponge tip applicator. FYI, no foundation or primer was applied before swatching.

The Original Palette 

(click to enlarge all images)

I went looking for a palette that contained the colour olive green as I wanted to recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games premiere makeup look. This palette is made up of all metallic colours, except for a matte black at the corner.

You do get a pretty wide colour range to do almost any look you would want to create for simple wearble everyday looks. Bronzed eyes, sweet pink eyes, gold, blues, purples, greens, you really have it all!

The difference between the two pink colours would be that the left one has a gold sheen and is more berry toned while the one on the right is cooler toned with no gold flecks in it.

The colours are all intensely pigmented and these swatches only took one swipe.

Sunset Palette

This palette is gorgeous and perfect for spring and summer. With a myriad of peachy sunkissed tones, you could really play around with them for lovely creative looks! As in The Original Palette, the colours are also all metallic shadows with the exception of the black.

In comparison to The Original palette’s pink colours, these pinkish colours definitely have more bronzed and golden undertones, really wonderful eyelid colours for that natural yet gorgeous beach look. I absolutely love the peachy pink colours here and the hues of crimsons, browns, orange and golds are much warmer than The Original Palette.

 If you are looking for a palette to create looks for spring and summer, I recommend this the most out of all three palettes.

Oh So Special

This palette was the one I purchased most recently and I must say I am a little disappointed. I did love the colours and how I would be able to create sweet and girly looks perfect for day and night. One of the key attractions of this palette for me was that there were finally more than one single matte eyeshadow! In fact, there are 7 out of 12 that are matte in this palette. The white, 2 pinks, 2 browns, a purple and a black. The 2 metallic pinks are exactly the same as the 2 metallic pinks in The Original Palette. For some strange reason, this was the only palette which came with the eyeshadow names! The 2 metallic pinks are 2nd column from the left in the above picture, with the names Organza and Gateau. What I do really love is the gunmetal greyish blue colour at the top right hand corner, it is absolutely gorgeous with purple undertones. I love how the shadow seems to be so multidimensional.

Unfortunately, the pigmentation of the matte eyeshadows were nowhere near as wonderful as the metallic baked shadows. However, it probably would be better with foundation and eye primer which I did not apply. Unlike the 1 swipe it took to swatch the metallic eyeshadows, the matte ones took 2-3 swipes to achieve this pigmentation. The darker colours are pretty okay, but the lighter tones were harder to swatch and had a lot of fallout.

 I must say that out of these three palettes, the colours I got the most are the pinkish tones, which is fine by me, I probably would not have to purchase any pink eyeshadows for quite some time, given the variety I have here.

All in all, I can’t really complain.. For the price of £6.49, they really are lovely shadows, no denying that at all! I can’t wait for the sun to shine and the weather to warm up so I can start creating looks with these palettes and bask in the warm rays of the sun ^^

I hope this review was helpful to you! If you have another Sleek product that you love, do leave it in the comments down below! I would love to see them.

Have a lovely week =)

Ta for now, love



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