Whimsical Wednesdays: Bedroom Decór Ideas!

Now that my lovely mother has given me free reign of my new bedroom decór, I have been so excited thinking of so many ideas for my new room. Over the past few months, ideas have come and gone, constantly changing until I finally settled on getting a room that is plainly white based. I love the colour white, always have! Like everyone else, my taste in colours and designs constantly change as I pass through varies phases, but one thing that will always be timeless, girly, and romantic would be white furniture. This would give me the flexibility I need to redesign my room easily with soft furnishings if my taste happens to change again in the future. This whimsical picture below inspired this post, leading me to search for more whimsical bedroom ideas that I could possibly incorporate into my new room. While I wouldn’t want my room to be overly fantastical and fairytale-like, all of these in little doses would add that whimsical feel I want my room to have.

At first look, this picture is gorgeous! But looking closer.. that skull above the bed scares me =S I do love the tree details, but it would probably overpower my room… In silhouettes on the wall they would be lovely!

I love the washed paint effect on the wood and how bright this room looks. The headboard is so fascinating and unique, with the little bird box on top. how quaint!

You just got to love fairy lights! These little lights instantly transport your room or any outdoor location into someplace romantic, magical and fairytale like. That wooden structure above the bed completes the forest like effect the fairy lights create! It would be possible to create this wooden ceiling effect using branches and bamboos tied together! Definitely an idea I’m considering.

THE MIRROR. *falls in love* haha, besides that, I do love how the white and the silver lamp complement each other to create that feminine yet slightly modern look to the room. If all the furniture in the room were to be quaint, old, or wood-based, your room would seem to ‘shrink’ as the furniture would start to overpower your room, especially if it is a small space. (learnt the hard way with my own current room) That dash of silver adds the much needed refreshing break from the overall heaviness of the fantastical furniture.

This bedroom instantly brought a lavender garden to mind and I absolutely loved lavenders! Its girly and sweet but simple and sophisticated at the same time. The stockings look adorable and the white christmas tree in the corner adds that festive vibe to the room without being tacky. I also love this idea because my room is brown parquet flooring and this really gave me an idea of how my room could potentially look like!

I LOVE this bed frame.. but… I honestly think that it would look nicer as a couch frame. If you had the space to transform this single bed into a sofa against the wall instead and placed cushions on it with silhouettes of trees behind it, perfect!

I do love the mint green and baby blue colours mixed with gold here. This is one of the colours I have in mind for my room. I love the pops of colour the lamp and tray brings. It reminds me of Tiffany and Co, also I feel that it makes the room look more elegant and rustic at the same time. Just lovely =))

Doesn’t the ceiling piece look so impressive and unique! That and the flowy translucent curtains are what I love best about this! Definitely another thing to DIY with twigs and fake doves. Lightbulb!

All of these are such lovely designs, I had a really enjoyable time at Starbucks with my coffee looking for these pictures and they gave me loads of ideas for what I could do for my room!

I hope this helped you with some ideas as well, especially if you love all things whimsical like me!

Have a lovely week!

Ta for now! Love,



What do you think? love, Sianne

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