Trendy Thursdays: Braids from Day to Night

The latest hairstyle that seems to be taking the world by storm is… braids! Ever since Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games tied her hair up in a braid for the games in the movie, thousands of people have been recreating that look.

Braids are one of my favourite hairstyles. Why? It is suitable for so many occasions! It keeps your hair neat and tidy when you need it to be, yet looking sweet and elegant at the same time. Adding braids to your hairstyle instantly adds a girly and flirty feel to your look, and it is the perfect hairstyle to bring from day to night.

There are literally hundreds of gorgeous braiding styles that I do not know of unfortunately, but for today’s post, let’s talk more about Katniss’ braids. They are thankfully simple enough for most people to do.

Ha, who would’ve thought that a movie could make this braid an overnight phenomena. The power of the media! *shakes head in wonder*

Well.. My hair isn’t as long as hers, but I did manage to replicate the top part.

When thinking of taking a simple braid like this to glam up for any evening functions or parties, it is really quite simple! Just bring along some bobby pins and hairspray if your hair is hard to manage.

All I did was to fold the braid up and back on itself, tuck the end into the french braid and viola! I was honestly surprised at how this turned out and ended up really liking it so I decided to share it with you guys! ^^

Braided updos are so fun and elegant, I will definitely be trying out more styles soon!

I hope this quick and simple post gave you some ideas on how to change a look from day to night and inspired you to start experimenting with more braided hairstyles. If you do have any more great style ideas to bring a look from day to night, do share with me =)

Have a lovely week!

Ta for now! love,



What do you think? love, Sianne

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