Manicure Monday: Pops of Glitter

I was inspired to do this post when I saw this gorgeous picture on instagram! I am definitely going to try this out, though probably with a cheaper nail polish.. haha.. I might do a tutorial on this! With the nailpolish dupes of course..

Anyways, I did do a pops of glitter look on my own nails before, so here’s a picture =) I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Switzerland so I figured might as well haha..

It’s such a fun and simple way to glam up your nails. I do find glitter extremely hard to remove hence having them just at the tips works best for me! They remove easily but I still manage to get that sparkle in my nails ^^

I shall be more adventurous now and try this effect with colours! Haha… I have never really been a very interesting colour person, I love my nudes and golds and earthy tones… I’m learning to move away from that now since it is my first spring season abroad from home and I can see what a huge effect brighter colours have on your entire outlook and mood for the day!

I also went around looking for more ideas and here’s what I found!

Haha… I’ve got to learn how to create those bows!

This is my absolute FAV. Heh, yes, I know I promised to try more colours.. But I’m sure this will always be one of my go to simple and glam looks!

I’m loving the one glittered nail trend.

LOVELY. I’ve such a weak spot for these looks… and this effect.. dreamy……

Nude! Always love.

Haha, I do love reds as well! Red lips, red nails.. That instant sophisticated, chic and powerful vibe..

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel excited about creating some of these looks for yourself too!

Have a lovely week ahead!

Ta for now! Love,



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