Therapeutic Tuesdays! Superdrug haul & Lauren Luke brushes

So I finally finished two extremely annoying essays and handed those annoying little things in today! I was so exhausted that I came back and slept till 4pm. Ha.. After that, I decided to pull myself up to go do some retail therapy ^^ The sight that greeted me from my window when I woke up was AMAZING. The grey and dreary morning had turned into a bright, sunny and gorgeous day! The sight of those little white flowers covering the grass made my day and put a permanent smile on my face.

I happily took out my pink sunglasses with the little gold bird on it (I like to think of them as my mockingjay sunglasses) and sat right in front of the bus where I could bask in the sun’s glow.
Its funny how being by yourself taking your own sweet time shopping can be so extremely enjoyable.. No need to worry about people waiting for you, taking as long as you want swatching lipsticks deciding what to get, then changing your mind over and over again.. hahaha… simple pleasures!
So here’s my little haul from Superdrug! I initially went in to look for sleek makeup but.. there wasn’t any in that Superdrug for some reason =( No matter! there were awesome deals!
Maybelline had 3for2 on all their products, Rimmel was giving away the Scandal Eyes Mascara for Free with purchases more than £9.99, Collection2000 lip products were 2 for £4.99 and L’Oreal hair dyes were going for buy 1 get the 2nd half off !
Needless to say I think I spent a good hour or so there just testing out all the products haha…
I used to never want to dye my hair because I permed it once or twice a year, and I was afraid to overstress it.. but now since I stopped perming for about 1-2years, I suddenly had the desire to have a lighter hair shade! I want a deep brown, but since my hair is black, I read that I would need a lighter shade to get my desired colour! so here goes nothing! Will try it out tonight! *Fingers crossed*
I love that UK has such long days now! I could still film a makeup tutorial around 7pm since it only gets dark at 8pm!
Here’s a sneak peak of the makeup tutorial I’ll be editing soon! I’ll have an entire post on this look because I recently went through the Oscar 2012 makeup looks worn by celebrities and realized that so many of them were wearing copper gold eyemakeup! Hence the inspiration for this look. Will link the page once it’s up!
I also came back and found that I received my Lauren Luke Brushes! I literally skipped all the way back to my block ^^
I’m so happy as this is my first set of higher quality makeup brushes! My first set was the Elf Studio Line which is okay for a starter, but… not good enough for someone who wants to pursue makeup more seriously! Quality wise, definitely a difference! I’ve been wanting to order Sigma brushes, but even with the 10% codes.. Shipping is insanely expensive! its more than £15 to ship the goods I want! pfft. I shall be patient and wait for Black Friday! Last year they had free international shipping so I hope they have the same this year.
I got these since I figured that I might as well take advantage of my location in UK right now and purchase brushes from UK makeup gurus! Next up! Real Technique Brushes! *saving* I’ll do a more in-depth review on the Lauren Luke brushes once I’ve started using them =))
So that marks the end of my therapeutic day, if you’re as bogged down by assignments and the piles of notes silently staring at you to read them, just take a few hours to go out, get some fresh air and clear your tired mind!
Have a lovely week!
Ta for now! Love,

2 thoughts on “Therapeutic Tuesdays! Superdrug haul & Lauren Luke brushes

    1. yeah! and todays just has to return to its gloomy self.. even if I don’t buy a whole lot of things, I somehow feel more satisfied when I go through everything in my own time, like as though I shopped a lot though I didnt if that makes any sense haha..

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