Beauty Review: Garnier BB Cream (European Version)

The BB cream craze has finally reached the European cosmetic companies, with a huge hype going on about the new Garnier BB cream. Before reading a post on it by Paris from mywomanstuff, I had no idea that they sold a different version in Asia. Haha how strange..

I bought this at boots at a discount, £7.90 for a 50ml bottle I think! It was £2 off so I happily bought it! As a general comment, I’d say I love it! It gives my skin a nice summery glow!

I will be doing a swatch comparing it to the Skin79 Gold VIP BB cream in the photos down below =) Click to enlargen the photos!

The 3 photos below show how the colour changes from when it’s first applied till it sinks into your skin:

As you can see, skin79 is more true to my skin tone, but the Garnier BB cream adds that golden glow that I love for Spring and Summer!

Garnier BB cream claims to do 5 wonderful things for your skin, so here’s my feedback on those claims:

1. Even skintone + boost glow

It definitely does this! But keep in mind there are only two shades, and the colour light (which I bought) runs pretty golden already, so if you are fair skinned and want to remain that way, not a good option! You’re much better off with Skin79’s BB cream which I use in the winter for a snow-white glow.

2. Blur imperfections

Haha.. I doubt this seriously. Even skintone yes, blur imperfections? Not in the least bit! It’s an extremely sheer coverage hence won’t do much for covering up those blemishes.. definitely got to rely on your concealer for this one… If you have skin redness it does take that away, but red spots etc.. nope.

3. Smooth fine lines

Hm… It gives your face an overall glow and eveness, buffs pretty nicely into your skin. From arm’s length distance it does make your skin look flawless, but if someone comes up really close to you (which they should not be doing! well.. besides your significant other haha) its not awesome enough to make all the fine lines disappear. Honestly, I haven’t found any foundation or BB cream that does that.. If you do know of any.. please let me know!!!

4. 24hr hydration

This I’ll say yes! I have pretty dry skin, and all my skin problems stem from my dry skin looking flaky and a little oldish T.T but even without moisturizer, this doesn’t dry out my face and makes it look nice and radiant all day! Staying power is not too bad either.. a good 8-10 hours is fine.

5. SPF15UV protection

I’ve always thought that as long as there was SPF, its all good. Apparently, I am ignorant. I just read lilMiss Shanghai’s post on summer sun protection (which is an amazingly informative post, so do check it out), and realized that those PA++ signs on your skincare bottles are important!! Unfortunately, this does not seem to have those signs.. BUT! the Asian version does.. The Asian one is SPF26 (what a weird number) and PA+++. Whyyyyy.

I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients, but if you’re curious, do check out, she gave a great review on this!

I personally love the Garnier BB cream right now, and am using it on a daily basis. While the coverage isn’t fantastic, I do kind of like the sheerness of it and how it still evens out my skin tone with a healthy glow! I’ll just cover my blemishes with concealer! Do keep in mind that I have dry skin, so if you do have oily skin, you might have to set it with a powder or you may get a little too oily.

That’s all I have for the review! I hope this helped you in any little way =) I’ve been wondering why international cosmetic companies like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Garnier etc made different makeup shades for different countries. I understand foundation probably since the stereotype is that Asians want to remain fair-skinned more than caucasians.. but why for things like eyeshadows? The L’Oreal infallible colour in Iced Latte cannot be found in UK, only in USA! There is only timeless white here.. I wonder why… Maybe they’re testing the market? Have you guys noticed such things? What do you think about it?

Ta for now! Love,



6 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Garnier BB Cream (European Version)

  1. I have the BB cream of Garnier, and while I like it, its not very close to my skin color. The lighter one is dark. Is the skin79 good enough? Do you recomend?

    1. Hiya! I do recommend skin79, it worked well on my dry skin, but it didn’t really have any dewiness or skin brightening effect. It was a nice matte look for something more winter time. If you have dry skin it was pretty good in terms of hydration for me. Lasted all day! Pretty good price too.. cost me about £15 and it’s got a lot of product. A little goes a long way too! You might want to check out Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream as well though! I’ve been wanting to try that because I heard its better than skin79! but shade wise, yes skin79 is pretty awesome, it oxidises and matches your skin tone as well! Have you tried other bb creams?

      1. I am not really looking for brightening effect, but to hydrate it , and work a bit as covering / balance my skin color, flaws. I have dry skin already , unfortunately,so this will do . I don’t want to wear a foundation if its not necessary.

        I haven’t tried any other BB creams since I live in Greece and only the european BB creams (like garnier) are available , so I have to order online, but I hesitate due to the colors, which I don’t know which will do to me . But if skin79 or Lioele can match my skintone, I will go for either one 🙂

        1. haha then skin79 definitely does the job well! I do love bb creams! Foundations are a little too heavy for me sometimes, especially when back home it’s so insanely humid. I’ll do a post on skin79 bb creams soon with face swatches! I have 2 of them ^^ You actually don’t have to worry about the colours for skin79 and lioele because there isn’t any other colour to choose from haha… and I’m glad you commented and I got to follow your blog =D

What do you think? love, Sianne

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