Fashion Friday: Rose Gold

I am currently having an obsession with Rose Gold. Wait… who doesn’t? This colour has suddenly sprung up out of nowhere these recent spring and summers and has become the talk of the fashion world. Gold is still in, silver.. hm okay.. But rose gold! everyone wants a piece of it, be it as embellishments on outfits, high end and costume jewelry, watches (MichaelKors todiefor), rings, slippers, hair accessories, nail polish, make up etc. Well, it seems to go perfectly well with the whole copper look as well ha. (post on copper eyemakeup)

Here’s a few things I recently purchased that have either Rose Gold or that shade of pinkish coral that reminds me of Rose Gold XD

Primark Bikini set £10

Accessorize Nail Polish (I thought they were £2 each but they were £4 each =( so.. might return..)

Here’s my favourite that I currently own:

I know it ain’t exactly rose gold.. but! it’s rosy coloured.. and has that gold bird on it! HA! My version of rose gold ^^

And here’s my wishlist… which I probably won’t get to own because it’s in USA or too expensive or sold out… so.. maybe fantasylist is more appropriate hehe..

Michael Kors Watch. This is the first picture I’ve ever seen from Heart D. (instagram:@thatsheart) and I FELL IN LOVE with it! Her photos are simply amazing. One of my favourite arm candy photos!

Rose Gold slippers from Target.. as seen in Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21 on youtube) video.. *LOVE* but… found in target sobs. Wish UK and Singapore had a Target.. I loved Walmart when I was working in USA for 2 months in summer last year… misses the States!

Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold. I’ve been hunting for you EVERYWHERE! And still can’t find you.

Tiffany & Co.. ❤ One of my favourite Jewelry brands!

 Vintage Tiffany & Co. earrings from 1950s O.O

The Classic Tiffany Key

Ted Baker Rose Gold Necklace

Do check out this fashioncaramel’s blog where I found this amazing picture! There’s an awesome post on rose gold shoes!

Mulberry Rose Gold Lily Bag

While all these designer stuff are really really gorgeous, there are more affordable ones as well!! I’ve seen many around, just didn’t occur to me to take photos (how duh of me -.-) But below are the ones I’ve been contemplating getting!

Things I’m keeping an eye out to get cause they’re nice and affordable!:

Below are 2 rings from F21, I think they’re less than £3 each!

I never used to be one who follows trends.. I found it expensive, time consuming and unnecessary since I was in my own little dance world.. With time only for dance practice and studying.. Now that I have the time to relax a little and find my interests, I’ve realized just how fun and enjoyable following trends are! That being said… It is addictive. And expensive. *sigh* Pity aside, while I may not be that financially able to purchase all that I want to right now, simply following the trends, going shopping to try out those clothes, scanning the jewelry racks for pretty little things do still make my day! At the moment I’m still unable to afford too many designer items, and definitely don’t think it is fair to spend the hard earned money from my parents on luxury material items. But hey, a girl can dream right? I take picture of those nice things I want but probably don’t need and can’t really afford… and then try to go to all the cheaper places with a huge selection of clothes, and carefully pick out ‘dupes’. Occasionally, if I want something badly enough, I will save up for that really nice item! Haha, something we all do right! The angst of being a student (tsk, first world problems, heh)

Another reason why I love shopping in UK is… the return policy!. Most of them time we buy on a whim, after all, everything is simply lovely and cute and pretty when we try them on. A lot of times back home, I regret once I’ve gone home and wish I could return it and save the money for something else. So it really helps when you’re on a budget! Sadly, in Singapore we don’t have the luxury of doing so.. I’ll just have to enjoy it while I’m still in UK!

There are so many Rose Gold things out there now, but I personally love the jewelry, accessories and shoes the most compared to others, jewelry especially. What about you guys? What’s your favourite rose gold items?

I hope you had a lovely Friday! Hello Weekends!! Take care =))

Ta for now! Love,



7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Rose Gold

  1. Hey Sianne, this is a nice post on rose gold with so many cool references. Thanks so much for linking my blog here 🙂 xx from Brussels

  2. Ι adooooore rose gold! And I want to buy the Michael Kors watch as well. Is amazing !!
    I have seen the Sleek blush around, you can’t find it ?
    PS: I haven’t forgot what I promised, in my next day-off I ll make you the list I promised.

    1. heys! haha yes.. I will save up for the Michael Kors! ^^ Nope, can’t find the rose gold sleek blush in any superdrug here! Aw.. thanks so much! Now my trip to Greece may sadly not happen already =( So I won’t trouble you to compile it already! thanks for the thought though! I’m also trying out my bb cream paying more attention to the details, will let u know soon =D

        1. sigh we’re a little low on budget and we want to save it for another trip, to really spend like 2 full weeks enjoying all that Greece has to offer! It’s such a gorgeous place… Really want a separate trip to immerse totally in it! Sad too.. Was really looking forward to it! Maybe next time I will be able to come and you’ll be free to show me around! =DD

          1. Oh, I see 🙂 then, I can’t say anything. Money is always a factor when it comes to travelling, and you should be comfortable enough to do what you like!
            Yeap 🙂 Next time I will be free to show you around, go shopping, etc 🙂

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