Quick Academic Saturday.. Why Women Shop!

Today I was forced to study my notes as the Costa I went to did not have wifi.. So.. Besides popping over to Superdrug and Boots (as always) for my daily dose of makeup (just window shopping the makeup racks make me happy), I started reading all my backlog articles.

Guess what I found? An article in my stack of Palaeoecology notes by Dr Gustav Milne from the Institute of Archaeology in London that justified women’s need to shop =D How amazing is that! Who knew that notes on pollen grains and past environmental climates could give me such joy. This article said that the human race is much older than civilisation, and it is only recently that we have adopted a more sedentary lifestyle. However, our bodies have yet to develop enough to cope with this change, hence we still have the physiology of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, explaining our need for exercise, varied diet of fresh food instead of junk food, and fresh air. Not only are our bodies languishing in the past, but so are our minds! In substitution for men’s need to hunt and women’s need to gather, now, men play football and women shop. HA! When I read this I instantly started laughing. After the initial amusement though, this statement did strike me as having a grain of truth in it! Obviously intrigued, I read on and the article substantiated this by saying that football is a substitute because it has elements of male bonding, a ‘chase’, adrenaline and prospects of reward. Women shop to ‘sublimate our need to comb the hedgerows for ripe and interesting food-stuffs.’ How interesting is that… Really make me stop and think for awhile, then use it as an excuse to justify my need to shop! Sadly the boyfriend didn’t buy it =( hahahha…

Anyways, I hope this little piece of trivia made you go “ooohhhh..” or “hmmmm” or “whaaatttt…” or maybe you just brushed it off, BUT! I find these little pieces of information to be really quite entertaining and fun to tell friends when we meet up, hence decided to share it with you ^^

What do you think of this article? Do you agree with it? Find it ridiculous? Become suddenly enlightened with more truths you can share with me? =D Let me know in the comments box below!

Have a lovely lovely Sunday and restday everyone!

Ta for now! Love,


P.S Lauren Luke Brush Set review coming up!


What do you think? love, Sianne

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