Lauren Luke Brush Set Review! and introduction of shoplouella!

In one of my last few posts I mentioned how excited I was to receive my Lauren Luke brushes in the mail and promised a review soon, so here it is!

So I decided to order these brushes to try out because I read great reviews on them, AND they had a very friendly price tag. While I am itching to try the real techniques brush sets, it’s £21.99 for 5 brushes, while this is £33.75 for 8. Little difference I know yes, if I had the choice I’ll order both! But the pocket’s crying so.. will get it another month!

You may wonder why I didn’t order brands like Sigma etc.. I love Sigma.. I dream of their brushes. But! The shipping is insanely expensive… It’s probably £12 for shipping and I could almost buy a real techniques set with that already! I’m patiently waiting till Black Friday in hopes that they have free international shipping again like they did last year… So while I’m here in UK, why not try UK makeup artist’s brands! For all you international makeup fans, don’t worry! International shipping is only £3+ for Lauren Luke brushes I think! Really affordable wherever you are in the world =D Similarly, crown brushes have really reasonably priced shipping too, so you can go check them out!

Just a little quick ‘just so you know’, UK Youtube gurus Zoe and Louise have just opened a shop importing Bdellium brushes! They are a USA based brand, so they have helped us ship it to UK to cut down the shipping cost for us. How sweet of them ^^ The website is shoplouella and they have a Green Bamboo 4pc “Foundation” Brush Kit for £33.95, Green Bamboo 5pc “Smokey Eye” Brush Kit for £19.95, Green Bamboo Kabuki Brush for £14.95, and Green Bamboo 5pc “Mineral” Brush Kit for £33.95. I’m probably going to try out the Smokey Eye kit before I return home to sunny Singapore! The brushes look adorable in green, and I can’t wait to order them ^^

Now, getting down to business, the Lauren Luke brushes are of really nice quality, and especially if you’re thinking of getting into makeup more seriously (ie. not just apply one eyeshadow and kohl eyeliner like I used to), then this is the perfect starter set! It has all the essentials from face to eyes and is really affordable.

Out of the 8 brushes, 5 are made from goat hair, 3 are made from synthetic. I am not picky when it comes to what type of brush hairs I use, but my experience so far with synthetic brushes is that it doesn’t pick up pigment as well. I know this is probably because I didn’t invest in high quality synthetic brushes, so maybe my opinion will change once I’ve tried the real technique brushes ^^ Just a disclaimer, I am not advocating cruelty against animals by using the animal hair brushes, I’m still exploring all the issues and everything, but now, this seems to work really well for me. My opinions might change in the future, who knows? If I were to preach cruelty against animals right now, I feel that would be hypocritical of me as I still do eat meat.. so… unless I’m totally vegan one day, I shall not preach anything, simply to provide you with information on the brushes so that you can make your own choices whether or not to use brushes made with animal hair =)

Do check out my youtube video as I show comparisons between Elf, Ecotools and Urban Decay brushes! It’s just a little easier to do comparisons using video as you can see the size etc in proportion to me much better =) I’m about 5’5 or 167cm!

The first up! The Large Powder Brush, made of synthetic hair. It is huge! Fills up my entire cheek. This is good for finishing powder and for those with dry skin like me who rarely set foundation with powder, you get a really nice and big blush brush XD. I kid you not! Watch the video above to see how huge it is compared to my cheek. Does make application really easy! I love those brushes that you can just slap on to your face without worrying whether it is properly blended. With this brush, it gives a nice sheer blush!

The Flat Contour Brush is made of goat hair and is great for bronzer, however, make sure you dust off the excess bronzer, if not it may be a little difficult to blend out. The last time I forgot to dust off the excess bronzer, I had a rather harsh line that took me awhile to blend out, not pretty. Other that that, this is a nice brush! It’s an almost perfect dupe of the MAC109 brush, fraction of the cost ^^ It is a little lense dense that the MAC109, but negligibly so.

The Foundation Brush! Synthetic hair, and one of my favourite brushes ❤ I love the design, it allows for precise application around my nose area and gives a lovely flawless finish. I love the gradient hairs on the brush, I find it so aesthetically pleasing. I’m a sucker for those things.. Like the sigma Mr and Mrs bunny collection! Not a known dupe for any higher end brush.

The Tapered Blending Brush I love for blending colours between my crease and brow bone! It’s goat hair and I love that it is soft and fluffy, but it is too large for my almost nonexistent crease (see video). Despite that, it is wonderful for blending out the colours to give it more depth. While it is great, I do wish it was a little bit denser as sometimes it is a little too soft.

The Eyeshadow Blending Brush is probably the one I use the most often! Made of goat hair, it’s the perfect size for my crease (video) and allows me to work the product into the outer corners of my eyes with precision, really bringing the depth of the eyeshadows out! Absolutely love it! It i a dupe for the MAC217 brush, but slightly longer is you want to be nitpicky.

The Flat Eyeshadow Brush is wonderful at picking up pigment in comparison to  my Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 brush. It is made of goat hair, hence maybe that’s why since the Urban Decay one is synthetic? Maybe? I use this all the time, it’s a brilliant dupe for the MAC239, once again at a fraction of the cost. Just might purchase another!

One of the most popular Lauren Luke brushes is the Pencil Brush! Made of goat hair, it’s a dupe for the MAC219 brush, very slightly less dense and firm. If you like your brushes firmer and denser, stick to the MAC219! If not, this is probably just as good, and kinder to your pocket!

Lastly, the Angled Eyeliner Brush! Made of synthetic hair, it is a dupe for the MAC263 brush! It is a little larger than I’m used to, since the only other one I have is the ecotools one. It is much thinner than the ecotools one as well, hence not so good for my eyebrows (I like soft brows), but great for my gel eyeliner!

 So all in all I really love this brush set and do recommend it to everyone, whether you are a professional makeup artist or beginning =) You can never have too many brushes right XD Hope this helped in your decision of which brush set to get!

What’s your favourite brush set? Leave your comment below and let me know! Would love to hear recommendations =D
Have a lovely week ahead!
Ta for now! Love,

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    1. Hi! I just realized that your comments have been going to spam =S I have no idea why! Sorry I didn’t approve or reply your comments! Glad the review helped ^^ They are great brushes so far! Love the affordable international shipping too =D

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