Watered Down Wednesday =(

Today was a terrible day. I woke up late, hence was extremely grouchy as I made a resolution to wake up early. Why? I’ve been having terrible sleeping habits and was making an attempt to change that. Silly reason but we all have those days.. Strangely angsty, I swore a little, shocking my boyfriend as I’m not the kind the swear. Looking out of the window, the skies are dreary and rainy. Bah. The weather somehow really gets you down when you’re already feeling so down in the dumps.

The worst part of the day is still to come… For some reason, though I had not refilled my bottle with water, it decided to leak today, when it has never leaked on any other day. Guess what? My LAPTOP was inside. At the back of my bag which was the only place and thing that got wet. Geez. It couldn’t restart, so I brought it to the Apple shop.. and they told me it would cost £700 to repair. *coughs* I was so upset and stunned that I think my mind wouldn’t accept the fact that my laptop is really water damaged. Well.

My lovely boyfriend offered to lend me his laptop to redo all my essay research while he resorted to using his phone to search for information… I was so thankful, since my essay is due on Friday!

My conclusion, is that I’ve been having a lot of negative energy circulating around my persons recently.. Bad sleep, study stress, bad skin, bad diet.. too many dissatisfactions, really, mostly self-inflicted.. So, this if not just pure bad luck, is a wake up call for me to get my act together and start thinking positively to attract positive energy! Well, I hope that this incident sheds my bad luck and negative energy! Look forward to better things now! *think positive, do essay*

Well just a short unfortunate day story.. And to say I’m sorry I may not be posting for a few days due to this unforseen and extremely annoying mishap..

Have you had any such days? I hope you guys all have the best of luck this week!

Ta for now! Love,



What do you think? love, Sianne

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