OOTD Fashion Fridays: Leopard Prints (& Cobalt Blue)!

First off let me apologize for being missing-in-action for almost a week now! As I mentioned before, my computer got soaking wet, and sadly, it has been completely destroyed T.T And it’s going to cost £700+ still. Hence I am only going to get it fixed when I return home to Singapore in July. For now, I’m using a little little netbook that is a pain to even surf the web.. Uploading photos and videos? Oh goodness forbid the thought.. Even blogging on it is painfully slow. Hence my lack of blogging activity. Now that I’m back in London with my lovely boyfriend kindly lending me his macbook once again, I may resume my posts! ❤ The past week without filming or blogging has made me pretty miserable actually.. It is kind of strange how this has become somewhat of a form of therapy for me.. I’ve always known that dolling up makes me feel good, but this really enforced it!

Oops, I’ve been rambling so much, let’s get down to the fashion stuff now!

This season, I have strangely fallen in love with leopard prints. Not in clothing pieces though, only in accessories! Ha, I have yet to be so adventurous.. Leopard print jewelry, scarves, hat details, shoes, bags, sunglass pouches etc etc etc! A year ago, I would have probably shuddered at the thought of it, funny how our taste changes so quickly! Hence, never judge other’s fashion people! You just might find yourself wearing something similar in the near future XD

Let’s start off with my ootd, I’ve already done a post on cobalt blue, so check that out if you’d like! I’ve been ecstatic to wear this tank because it is my first cobalt blue piece! And like a staple piece, this leopard prints scarf just had to accompany a majority of my outfits haha.

Below are a few images that I’ve loved containing pops of leopard prints! If you have never tried it, why not take the time while it’s a trend on the runways to try this out! You just might find you LOVE it, like me =D

hmm.. I wasn’t into the whole crackle nailpolish trend.. But this… makes the leopard prints look rather nice and easy.. I just might purchase the black crackle!

Have I mentioned that my latest jewelry obsession is with rings? Chunky dainty cool sweet classy funky you name it! I love rings! And pssst, ebay is the BEST place to get them! Oh, and arm candy of course.. Who currently isn’t into arm candy? I should just do a completely separate post for that! Haha..

 Okay, I know you’re probably thinking… um.. WHY NOT HEELS??? Well… the reason is simply because… I don’t like heels! (gives a moment for reactions)

Heh.. I find them really painful and uncomfortable! Firstly, I have wide feet, and secondly, in Singapore, I am already pretty tall, I feel strange towering over everyone else, even guys sometimes..  I walk around a lot as well.. So flats are always my option! I am a terrible heels person.. I will endure it when there are dinner functions or events to go for of course! But who knows.. maybe a few months down the road, or a year or two more.. I will be raving about my favourite heels! You just never know…

I am just going to go ahead and say it, I find things with too much prints to be tacky. Hence, I love this ribbon detail on the hat, but if the entire hat were to be leopard prints… Nope. I love how patterns add that pop of colour and edge to an outfit, but I definitely wouldn’t want to overdo it. While I know some people definitely can pull it off, *my hats off to them* I know at this point in time, I’m not one of them! Hence I shall keep to my conservative dressing and stick with a pop.

This is something I currently own! But forgot to take a photo of it before I left for starbucks haha.. It is from F21, and it cost less than £2 I believe! I do love it! Just another fun little detail to have in your bag!

There are so many more little leopard print accessories you could get to add that fun trendy pop into your outfit! I just listed merely a few examples, and will definitely post more ootds if I do get more leopard print stuff!

Something struck me while I was typing this post that I wanted to share with you guys, one thing my mother always enforced in my dressing is that less is more. During my teenage years when I was trying to look all grown up and wear things a little low cut (like there’s anything to show) or skirts a little short, she’s always the one to first notice before I walk out of the house and warn me not to cross the line between sexy and slutty. I always heed her advice and to this day I remain grateful to her.. There is such a thin line between sexy and slutty, never find yourself on the wrong side ladies! (unless it’s halloween then knock yourselves out!) So similarly, when dressing patterns and designs, aim to look more trendy than tacky! Remember, you want people to look at you and think “I love how she works those prints!” rather than “omg she looks like an animal -.-“.

Haha, I hope this post was helpful to you in the least and that you have a lovely relaxing weekend ahead!

Ta for now! Love,



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