Budget Bargain Clothing Haul! Sale@F21, Primark & Republic!

After a 1-2 months clothing shopping hiatus, I finally bought myself quite a number of spring clothes! 6 tops from Primark for £27, 2 from Republic for £10, and 6 from F21 for £24! So for 14 tops I paid £61/$120sgd!

What can I say..? I LOVE sales in the UK! You really can’t compare to shopping back home unfortunately… My friends and I have been trying to account for our shopping by telling ourselves that once we return home, this isn’t possible anymore.. Haha.. well, that is kind of true, back home, for $100sgd, I could probably get 3-4 pieces from F21! I’d consider this a real steal! And for some reason, back home I’m not as inclined to shop.. Don’t know why but I guess it’s a good thing! Haha..

In the UK or in the USA, always remember to check out the sales sections, while they may not have a huge variety, you may be able to find some awesome steals! I am not a fashionista, I never really followed trends, and now that I am finding it really fun to do so, I still do not want to spend huge amounts on it. When I’m working next time maybe, but not for the time being. So for now, I shall stick to trying to follow trends, bargain style! I may own the occasional expensive piece, but most of the time, I do try to shop budget!

So, if you’re interested to see what I bought, do watch the video below!

I apologize in advance for the occasional zooming in and out of the video, I had no idea it was doing that haha…

I used my sony bloggie camera as my DSLR SD card is full and I haven’t transferred things out of it! Do let me know in the comments below if you guys like these kind of casual videos as well, or if you think I should just stick to my reviews and makeup tutorials! This is definitely more relaxed and vlog-ish, so I’d appreciate your feedback =D

I hope you have a lovely day!

Ta for now! Love,



6 thoughts on “Budget Bargain Clothing Haul! Sale@F21, Primark & Republic!

  1. I can’t wait until my shopping hiatus finishes in a couple of weeks!
    After three months of no shopping I’m going to be like you and shop til I drop! 🙂

    1. haha! I love that feeling! It’s like Christmas come early and though you’re spending hard earned money, it’s such a theraputic feeling! Especially if you get great bargains! Excited for you ^^ Hang in there!

      1. Thanks,
        I have been working on a list of items I want and a budget…hope I don’t go crazy and get out of control! 🙂
        Until then I shall live vicariously through you!

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