OOTDs: Casual Adapted Spring Trends!

I was thinking of posting OOTDs randomly whenever I get a little dressed up, unlike my t-shirt and shorts lounging days.. So this is just a little ‘tester’ post, just to get opinion from you guys about whether or not you like seeing these kind of posts!

These will be quick posts featuring pieces from my haul, and how I incorporate some spring trends in!

Or would you rather have longer posts like this one on Leopard Prints?

I am definitely no fashionista, I’m rather conservative in my dressing but I am trying to branch out! My outfits will therefore be rather simple, adapting the lovely runway trends into simple casual outfits. Once in awhile there will be those days where I really dress up, but besides that I’ll probably be posting adapted runway fashions!

Do let me know what you think about these kind of posts below! =D

Hope this was an easy read!

Ta for now! Love,



8 thoughts on “OOTDs: Casual Adapted Spring Trends!

    1. hi! thanks =) I bought them in one of those discount stores along the roads! I actually think I wrote the location I bought it wrongly, it was in Salzburg! I saw on your About page that you’re from Sweden? Is there a Primark/Penney’s there?

        1. hmm… well you could probably find them at a departmental store or those random shoe shops you see around! I kind of regretted buying this pair because they hurt after walking in them for a few hours, probably cause it is a cheap pair. Am still hunting for a good quality one, will let you know when I find one internationally available =))

What do you think? love, Sianne

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