Fashion Fridays: Lace Runway Trends, bringing romance to the wardrobe.

From the runways, to bridal gowns and to all high, mid and low end stores, I have been wanting to do a post for the longest time on one of my most loved runway trends this season, LACE! Lace has been in almost every summer fashion trend since 1900s and is one of the most versatile materials with a multitude of different colours. My personal favourites are the classic blacks and whites and it is most interesting to note how white makes you look romantic, whimsical, and sweet, while black give you that instant glamour and sultriness appropriately epitomizing the black and white stereotypes of sweet(good, innocent, pure) and sexy(hot, ‘evil’ seductive). I just love how white lace seems to bring me back to olden days associated with romance, gardens of flowers, fairytale dresses.. mystical magical forests… okay, definitely getting carried away, haha!

In a much more sophisticated phrasing of my sentiments towards lace, here is the timeless beauty Coco Chanel with a quote on lace in the spring of 1939, “I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin”. Well said, I couldn’t agree more.

This post was inspried by barebone’s awesome post called Straight Laced which had so many lovely lace fashion photos! I find it quite ironic how I used to avoid lace like a plague when I was younger, thinking that it was ‘old woman-ish’ and tacky. However, as my perceptions evolved and I honestly think the lace fashion changed too, I adore how subtle lace detail adds a feminine flair to an outfit. Lace all over happens to be pretty in as well and I would have never expected that 5-6 years ago! A white lace dress is a must-have for spring and summer, and sadly, I still don’t have it but am on the hunt for a perfect affordable one. Any suggestions?

Now.. While I continue to hunt away for that perfect dress, I shall indulge myself, and by extension, you guys, with romantic, whimsical, and flirty photos of lace in all forms and fashions =)

Runway Lace Fashion


Louis Vitton


Seems like all the runway lace trends are getting bigger and bolder! No more of the delicate details with a much wider variety of coloured lace. ! I find it a rather refreshing and unique take to the lace look. What do you guys think? Check out more runway photos from Marie Claire’s article on Lace and Doily!

Bridal Lace

Every girl (almost) dreams of a fairytale wedding! What better way to introduce that element of romance and happily ever after fairytale ending with a splash of lace! It’s beautifully and delicately timeless!

Celebrity Star Lace: Taylor Swift

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of fairytales and celebrities, the first star to come to mind would be Taylor Swift! She is the epitome of fairytale songs, her outfits and settings of her music videos seem like they’ve just popped up from a fairytale book. I love her for that and watching her videos and listening to her songs always make me happy and wistful, filled with hope. *dreamy eyes* And if you’ve noticed, I chose the photos to feature her looking gorgeous and sweet in both white and black lace!

Designer Lace Dress:

 The two gorgeous photos above feature a dress from Betsy Johnson. I love how the dress is so glamourous, but sweetened by the pink bow and muted by the naked makeup and simple hair. Way to rock glam-casual!

For those of you on a tighter budget like I am, no worries! Other retail stores such as Forever21, H&M, New Look, Topshop etc are all currently selling lace dresses ranging from £10-£40! For those of you in UK and some EU countries, Primark and Penney’s sell them too! Take your time to find your perfect lace dress, it’ll definitely be a staple piece for a long time to come =D

Remember, lace does not only exist in dresses! Tops, skirts, pants etc are gorgeous in lace too! I’m currently hunting for the perfect pair of lace shorts that looks like a miniskirt! It’s really on-trend now.. something like.. this!

Anybody has an idea where to find something like that for an affordable price? I heard Zara has them! Will be checking that out tomorrow ^^

The only current lace apparel I own is a lace top, one slouchy, and one sleeveless. I have yet to wear the sleeveless one, but here are some photos of my slouchy one! I do love wearing it, I find it really flattering~

This was on one of those chilly spring days so I wore the lace top with high waisted black leggings and a red high waisted shorts. As the top is so hole-ly, I had on a white halterneck bikini with a floral bandeu top inside! Paired it with brown mid calf boots which cant be seen here haha. I honestly had no idea what came over me that day, I almost never dress so strangely.. But somehow, I just… felt like it. Do you guys think this ensemble is strange? Do let me know because I found it kind of weird, but couldn’t really be bothered to change since I’d have a coat over which covered everything -.-

Here is what I’m wearing today! Same lace slouchy top, but since it suddenly seem to turn from winter to summer, no more coats needed! *fistpumps* I chose to wear it with my camel brown lace tank from F21, a pair of denim washed shorts from Primark and random turqoise, brown and gold arm candy! On my feet were a happy pair of £1 gold havainas dupe flipflops from Primark! I LOVE flipfops. I need to stay away from them haha.. This outfit made me feel kinda bohochic so I added on a pair of feather earrings XD

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you guys love lace too? What’s your favourite lace piece? I’ll love to know =D

Have a lovely weekend and a good rest!

Ta for now! Love,



What do you think? love, Sianne

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