July Hots & Humids (Hits&Misses)

Hi beauties!

At the beginning of the month, I posted my first ever monthly favourites video, but haven’t gotten around to posting the individual items on my blog! My skin revolted the entire July and beginning of August when I returned to Singapore, so you could imagine that I was pretty upset with all the breakouts that materialised on my face…

Since I’ve returned to this hot and humid land, I was ‘inspired’ to name my favourites Hots(Hits) and Humids(Misses) and I was rather bothered by the humidity of our little city. I definitely missed walking for half an hour and still not breaking a sweat.. Ah London.. I do miss you…

Well, now that I’m back home in sunny Singapore, I shall make the best of it and add a Singaporean angle to things… How to face the searing heat without having your foundation melt off and such!

So before I bore you with my rambles, let’s get on to the favourites!! (If you prefer watching, click the video below =))



Product: Garnier roll-on Anti-dark circles concealer and Maybelline’s dream lumi-touch highlighting concealer.

My favourite method of the month has been using concealer instead of a full-face foundation! This is simply because  when I was travelling in the hot Summer with friends, I had to rush out in the mornings with simple basic makeup. Touching up throughout the day became rather troublesome as we were backpacking and beauty wasn’t exactly anyone else’s concern but mine heh. I found that using concealer was a much simpler and convenient way to trot around in, even allowing me to splash my face with cold water when needed!  Also, I didnt want my face to feel heavy and full of makeup since perspiring in Summer was pretty much guaranteed. This method continued on even more so in Singapore, just that depending on my skin condition, I would either use concealer for better coverage or just a sheer BB cream over my nose and cheeks!

Product: Mac’s single eyeshadow in Jest

The next favourite is vital in my most worn look for July! I loved the fresh faced natural look that this eyeshadow gives, it just makes me look so much more radiant and sweet! In Singapore, most of my peers don’t seem to wear as much eye shadow or do much contouring as people tend to prefer looking naturally gorgeous. Hence, the look I’ve been loving is the natural healthy glow using this eyeshadow!



While I was still in Europe, I had the pleasure of patronising the French pharmacies in Paris that were reputed for their skincare products and providing Parisians with natural flawless looking skin. They had many pharmacists around to assist you in purchasing products that are right for each individual’s particular skin type and I was blown away by the vast array of choices crammed into a tiny little store.

The pharmacist was most helpful in helping me choose products and advising me about my skin type. What I loved most about her was that she was not out to push products at me, in fact, she recommended I use just a few simple products to get my skin back into balance. When I asked her about hyped up products she just pfftted at me haha. Also, I believed my skin type to be dry for the longest time, only to realize that it is actually combination dry, which does make sense since I do get oily at my t-zone area. Sometimes I guess it takes people to point out the obvious for you to realize it -.-

Product: Nuxe youth and radiance revealing fluid

This is my favourite product of those that she recommended! She mentioned it was the best skincare product she knows out there and I do love the smell and consistency of the product. It leaves my skin feeling extremely hydrated and plumped without any stickiness. It feels extremely comfortable and not oily at all! Amazing. The only sad part is that I have been unable to find it in stores in Singapore yet.. Sigh… Shall continue hunting for it.

Product: Bioderma

Now… How could I not try this? This is probably THE MOST talked about makeup remover in the makeup world right now and even if I didn’t need it, I would have bought it simply for the sake of seeing whether it lived up to its hype. Well, I actually bought the small travel sized bottle initially to see how awesome it really is.. and… I totally fell in love with it. It is definitely worth the hype!! It removes makeup like a dream, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple! It really is as gentle as it says and it just feels really wonderful. The only thing that I wished it did was to remove waterproof mascara. That, it does not do! But for me it’s no big deal, I have my trusty Maybelline and L’Oreal waterproof makeup remover for that! (It is a rave product for sure). But for removing all traces of face makeup, I would repurchase Bioderma any day! It was really worth it in Paris, €15.90 for two huge bottles! If only it was that affordable back in Singapore.. I heard it is more than $30 in Singapore for ONE bottle =S It can be found in these places in Singapore: Bioderma SG Facebook. While the price here is definitely steep, wait for the Watsons 20% off times, then it will be quite worth it! (unless you have the wonderful chance to fly to Paris or have awesome friends willing to bring some back for you!) If you are on a tight budget, and will be travelling to nearby southeast asian countries, I heard Hong Kong sells it for 30-40% cheaper, Malaysia sells it cheaper as well!

Product: Oxy5

Besides trying to smoothen out my skin complexion, I needed something to treat my spots! I don’t know why I never tried this brand before though friends did recommend it, I guess.. I wasn’t preoccupied with my skin a year ago! This stuff is amazing, it really dries up and clears my red spots within 2-3 days!! Just do keep in mind to ONLY apply it on the spot itself, or it will really dry up your skin!


Product: G.I.S Soymilk and Green Tea Face Wash

Okay, to begin with, this product was already a wildcard kind of product. I saw this at smoochiezz warehouse but I couldn’t find anything at all about this brand. Since it was only $3.50, I decided to give it a try as I was looking for a soy based facial wash. While it wasn’t all that terrible, I felt it was kind of drying. Maybe for someone with oily skin, this would be good at controlling oil, but it just didn’t work for me! I’ll probably pass to to a friend with oiler skin to test out! If it is any good, I will let you guys know about it!

So that’s all for today, look out for more videos and posts coming up, I do have some ready to be edited and posted up! I’m so sorry for the long empty periods without posts, I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want with this blog and trying to get my act together!

So what is your absolute favourite product that you can’t live without this month? Please do let me know in the comments below, I’ll love to see what you guys love too!

Ta for now!

Love, Sianne


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