Drugstore Lip Products Haul! Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal!

Hi beauties!

I know it’s been ages since I’ve reviewed products, and I decided I better get started again as I have a ton of photos and products to review! So, I’m not usually a lip person as I find it quite a big hassle to reapply lipstick all the time, it’s just something I’m not really used to I guess! But after going on exchange, I started to appreciate how lipstick pulls the entire look together. While I still don’t apply it as often, I definitely accumulated quite a fair bit more!

I’ll be reviewing and comparing 4 drugstore lipsticks today, the Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in no13 Smoked Peach, Revlon Lip Butter in no35 Candy Apple, Maybelline Colour Sensational in no842 Rosewood Pearl, and L’Oreal Rogue Caress in no101 Tempting Lilac.

These are all colours that have been raved about on youtube quite a bit, so I was pretty psyched to try them out! Honestly, these weren’t easy to get my hands on, I literally combed all the superdrugs and boots in the area to find these as they were either sold out or left with testers which I wasn’t allowed to purchase!

So here are the swatches! Do note that all of these were swatched without any base on my lips, and my lips are pretty pigmented such that most shades of pink look pretty similar on my lips, but these are rather significantly different! Hence my love for them =))

L’Oreal Rogue Caress in no.101 Tempting Lilac

This is truly one of the most gorgeous lip colours I’ve ever come across! It is a blushing rose colour with a hint of lavender that makes it sweet and oh-so-girly! It applies on very creamily, but not as thick as the Revlon lip butters. Since the stick itself is rather slim in comparison to other lipsticks, it applies on pretty accurately and rarely smudges! Lasting power wise, I honestly think it’s the same as most lipsticks.. I personally don’t notice lipsticks for their lasting power and I love taking little snacks and drinking stuff quite often, so I’ll just keep the lipstick in my bag to reapply as and when!

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in  no.35 Candy Apple.

I love a red lip. It’s a classic statement style that never goes out of fashion. While I love a red lip, most red lipsticks are too deep and red to wear on a daily basis, well…. I wore red lips a lot in UK, but toned my makeup down a lot in Singapore due to the weather and makeup norms.. I usually keep red lips for on-stage dance performances or for nights out partying which I don’t go for much either haha… So.. When I came across this little darling, I was extremely happy to know that while it still gave the vibrancy and character as a red lip, its texture was more balm-ish and butter-ish, immediately toning down the harshness that a lipstick would give. Another great thing is that you can choose to wear it as a sheer sheen on your lips, or choose to build it up to a vibrant statement red. How can you not love this!

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in no.13 Smoked Peach

There is no better way to describe this colour other than its name. It instantly brings to mind a sultry nudish beauty with a hint of colour to the lips. I love wearing this with a clear gloss over especially when my lips are kind of chapped and not as smooth as I want them to be, simply because the colour is gorgeous, but the matte effect looks terrible on dry lips. If you have full plumped and hydrated lips, this will look extremely gorgeous on you! It looked gorgeous on essiebutton on youtube! This is a sophisticated colour you can pretty much wear everyday and still look polished without looking severe.

Maybelline Colour Sensational in no.842 Rosewood Pearl

Out of all the 4 colours I’m reviewing today, this colour is the most fall/winter appropriate one. While I’ll probably say it is a berry colour, a frosty berry effect would be more accurate. True to it’s name, it has a pearlescent sheen to the woody berry colour that makes it pretty unique and earth-ish. This lipstick plays the perfect role of letting dramatic eyes stand out while still holding it’s place as a lovely complement lip colour with that hint of iciness and frostiness. While I would think it is definitely not a colour for the young and bubbly, it is the perfect choice for sophisticated working ladies with a more matured and womanly vibe.

So I hope you enjoyed this quick review, I’ve been meaning to do this for so long, I’m so glad I finally got to it! These are my current favourite lipsticks and I hope this was of some help to you!

What kind of lipsticks do you like? Matte? Buttery and moisturising? Shiny like a gloss? Do let me know in the comments below ^^

Ta for now! Have a good week!




What do you think? love, Sianne

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