Eyelook: Summer Breeze; Pop of Turquoise!

Hi beauties!

I just wanted to do a quick post on an eyelook I recently did.. This was inspired by Sara from icyabstract who did a post called “Some Summer in My Sand”. I loved how she used the fun bright summery colours to add a pop of colour into her eye makeup! Hence, I decided to give it a try myself..

I created this look basically using the Sleek Makeup Palette in Sunset. You can see swatches on the palette here.

So here’s my creation of the look!

While I usually do try and avoid colours.. I must say I’m pretty happy with how this turned out! This has kind of made me want to continue experimenting with such pops of colours, especially on days when I look especially tired, some colour will definitely make me look more awake!

How about you guys? What do you think of this look? Do you like pops of colour in your makeup? Or are you like me, a neutral shades lover who finds colours pretty daunting most of the time for day-to-day makeup?

I hope you guys are having a lovely week!

Ta for now!

Love, Sianne


What do you think? love, Sianne

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