Pink and Whimsical Macbook: theme as possible giveaway? ;)

Do you guys get those days where you look at your laptop screen and just think it’s plain boring? Well… for me it usually stems from a changing phase of things I like.. I used to like sophistication and clean earthy lines and tones.. But now, I’ve actually started liking pink. Yes. The bimbotic colour I swore I would never call my favourite after I was eight. To those of you who love pink, well, my hats off to you, it is a lovely colour and I shouldn’t have tried to be all cool and stay away from it!

This pink phase was sparked off by my friend describing me as whimsical. For someone who thinks her English is pretty good.. I completely failed at recognising the meaning of the word. How embarrassing. My ego aside, I was thrilled. I finally found the word I’ve been searching high and low for to describe my fancies. Whimsical. Lovely! For those of you who don’t know the meaning either like me, no worries! It basically means… playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way. I was pretty honoured to be honest, I love the words quaint and fanciful hehe. And hence…along with my fairytale dreamland, I started obsessing over anything white, baby pink, sky blue and mint green. Hah. This was obviously the inspiration for my blog layout and colour scheme, but it also affected me that my desktop wasn’t whimsical as well. (pfft, first world problems, shakes head)

I’m not sure how many people do this, but I love customizing the look of my technological things.. of.. all. my. things. in general… I love making my things look pretty and beautiful! It may seem superficial, but it just brightens up my day and makes me happy.. So on this note, I’ll like to share with you my before and after desktop theme design!

Before: (I had 2 designs for different desktops)

A lovely day at the beach in Florida with K.

I do miss this desktop design once in awhile… but… at least I have photos of it still! haha gotta move on….

After: (I got lazy so I only did one haha)

Andddd… Hello Fairytale! ^^ This picture was taken at Switzerland on the top of Jungfrau (yong-fr-ow) Mountain! Top of the Alps! I just played a little with effects to try and make it look more dreamlike haha..

Haha… What do you think? Hope you guys like it! Decided to take a break from beauty and to do a little something on beautifying technology hahaha.. my lame attempt at being intellectual >;.<;

Which do you prefer? If you could do this too, what theme would you like or go for? Are you guys interested in learning how to do this? Do let me know! I’ll be more than happy to share =D If you guys like it.. I just might do giveaways on such themes! Sounds like an idea? Let me know!!

Twirls in a circle and sprinkles fairydust on you,

Love Sianne.


What do you think? love, Sianne

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