Watson’s Members Sale Haul!

Hey Beauties!

I just went for the Watsons islandwide sale this week on the 22nd of August as they had up to 50% discounts storewide! I have never been to any of these events before, so I was rather excited to try out the experience!

I was around the West so Vivocity was the most logical choice to go to, and for some reason, I didn’t think about the possible long lines and queues that I would have to encounter! Luckily for me, I went extra early, before the sale even started. When I neared the store, an alarm bell went off in my head when I saw the queue lines being prepared outside the store! I was honestly quite taken aback when the staff presented me with a gigantic plastic bag and a brochure with all the discounts. Haha, really, you would have expected me to know better and prepared myself for this.. When I looked into the store, I thought to myself, ‘so far so good, no one’s here yet’.. Since I was allowed to go in even before the start of the sale, I had some peace and quiet right up till the exact timing of the sale. 12 noon. Suddenly, the entire store seemed to be teeming with people all over the place and lots of ‘excuse mes’ could be heard as everyone tried to push their way through the respective shelves. Oh geez. I took quite some time to narrow down the products I wanted to fit my budget, and quickly queued to get out of the crowd. Lucky for me, the lunch crowd has yet to rush in and I was happily satisfied and out of the store within 10minutes!

I heard from my friends later on that the queues later in the day spread all the way out of the store, likened to as long as queueing to enter the club, zouk. Haha.. The sale effect.. I used to not bother queueing for such stuff as I felt that my time was wasted, but! I must admit that Singapore sales are getting pretty appealing recently, rising from a meagre 10-20% to a more commonly seen 50% now! Yay for consumers!

All Asian products.. I know… My happy self managed to save about $40 thanks to the sale, and allowed me to purchase some items I personally wouldn’t have been able to justify buying without the sale! I’ll be doing individual swatches and reviews soon, so keep a look out for them!

Did you guys go for the sale too? What did you think about it? What did you get?? Tweet me a pic of your purchases if you bought stuff, I love to see what other people bought too!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!




What do you think? love, Sianne

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