Basic how to, Eyes: Understanding the Naked Palette

Hi beauties!

I uploaded a tutorial on how to use the Naked Palette a few days ago simply because my friend suddenly mentioned that she had the Naked Palette but had completely no idea how to use it!

So basically in this video I talk about the types of eyeshadows there are and where you should or can use them on.

To summarise, the Naked Palette has a few types of shadows: matte, satin and shimmery.

The two matte colours Naked and Buck are perfect blending and contour colours respectively. I love using Buck to fill in my brows with an angled eye-liner brush as well.

The only satin colour is Virgin which is a lovely champagne pink colour perfect for highlighting your browbone or inner eye corners to brighten them up. This is a lovely shade because it’s not as shiny as some colours, but has a sheer glow to it because of the satin finish, allowing it to catch the light and softly frame your face.

The other colours are generally shimmery, and can be categorized further into all-over, transition-blending and contour colours.

Sin, Sidecar and Half-baked are colours to use all over the eyelid, concentrated specifically at the ball of your eyes where the light hits it most often.

Smog, Toasted and Gunmetal are transition colours to create a nice gradient from the all-over colours to the dark contour colours.

Last but not least, Darkhorse, Hustle and Creep are the darkest and most daunting colours, which are used mainly for contouring the outer corners for a more dramatic, glamourous and smokey look.

I adore the Naked Palette simply because it can create so many versatile looks, from day time natural to night time glamourous. The colour combinations can be used interchangeably, and the most fun part about this is experimenting with different looks!

I hope this mini-tutorial was helpful for you, have fun experimenting!




What do you think? love, Sianne

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