Morning Skincare Routine

Hi Beauties!

My skin has shown significant improvement over the last few weeks, and I’ve been sticking to a pretty careful and gentle skincare routine! Since I’ve had requests to do a skincare routine video/blog, here it is!

I have been loving the Japanese brands for skincare and I guess they suit Asian skin types better since they were formulated for Asians? Hm… Not sure about that but I’m glad I decided to give them a try! My skin has shown significant improvement and I feel confident enough about this routine to share it with you! =)

All products used are extremely gentle, and suits my skintype of combination normal. Do keep in mind for those with acne, dry or oily skin, it may not be as suitably bacteria fighting/moisturizing/sebum controlling respectively.

So to quickly summarize, my morning skincare routine consists of 6 steps:

1) Tone

2) Essence

3) Moisturize

4) Sunblock

5) Primer

6) BB cream/foundation

I generally use patting motions to apply on my skincare just to be extra careful with my skin especially around sensitive and delicate areas.

This routine has worked well for me so far so I hope it will help you too! While I’m eons away from perfect flawless skin, let’s hope I’m getting closer.. Next up is to look for an effective whitening and brightening solution. Any recommendations? Please share with me in the comments bubble above! =D

Hope you have a lovely week ahead!




What do you think? love, Sianne

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