New in! Face Shop’s New Collection ❤

So people say that Korea is one of the current hottest destinations to go to; Kpop, the food and of course… makeup! Sadly, although here in Singapore we have access to a few korean stores (Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Skin Food), they are usually a lot more expensive than in Korea, and their collection tends to come in months after it is released elsewhere. My friend Ben went to Korea about two months ago, and bought me back an eyebrow pencil I requested for, and told me that the design I asked for has gone out. A new design was in place. A design that I absolutely ADORED! The mustache line!

So the other day I was walking along the shops in Vivocity and I happened to look into The Face Shop and saw the most enticing eyeshadow singles, all from the new collection! They have finally arrived in Singapore! I was so excited that I didn’t twice to check the price and picked up about five or six singles. When I regained my composure and saw the price, my previous excitement turned into sighs. It was $8.90 for a single eyeshadow! I know compared to Mac single eyeshadows, it’s definitely already a lot cheaper, but hey, there is a reason why I don’t have that many Mac eyeshadows. Still, they were too pretty to resist and I ended up narrowing down my selection to the two that I most wanted.

There were four different ranges, Make Color Paint, I Wait Rainbows, Today Is Night Paty, and Ready To Be Gentle, all represented by different symbols on the case. I ended up buying one that looked like a Mac Satin Taupe Dupe called 04 Brownie, and a matte brown single eyeshadow 23 Toast, because, I am very much into matte shades at the moment!



Slightly dejected but still happy with my buys, I left the store determined to find out if there were cheaper alternatives online. 

I ended up finding it on none other than Gmarket! And as expected, they were half the price, even with shipping from Korea! Now, why didn’t I wait instead of buying two at the shop!

Click HERE to go the the Gmarket link I bought from! I just ordered them yesterday, so I have yet to receive them! I will definitely review the services of this Gmarket store once I get them to check for their authenticity and quality =)

Here are some swatches of the three items I bought!



no.23 Toast – Matte Yellow Toned Brown Shade


Texture: Soft and Velvetly, but not chalky.

Rating: 4/5 I love the texture, but the colour may be a little too yellow for every skin tone, good for Asian skin tones



no.04 Brownie: Taupe Brown Cool Toned Colour with Gold Specks


Texture: Satin finish, gorgeously velvet and pigmented, not chalky. 

Rating: 5/5 I ADORE this colour! It’s an almost perfect dupe of my favourite Mac Satin Taupe colour at more than half the price!



no.05 Dark Grey: Angled Eyebrow Pencil with a Spoolie


Texture: Relatively dry, easy to work with, very natural

Rating: 4/5 I have always loved these Face Shop eyebrow pencils as they have a spoolie and the formula creates a soft and natural look, but it

seems to have become a tad bit too grey and black than the previous formula, will probably look too grey for cool toned skin types. 




So will I re-purchase this range? Of course I would! I already did and I do intend to slowly build up this lovely collection of mustaches and such! I love them and will definitely recommend them to you!  I hope this quick post was helpful!



Have you seen this new collection? What do you think of the packaging and products? Have you tried it out? Please share your thoughts with me! =)

Have a lovely day!






What do you think? love, Sianne

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