Stop & smell the flowers

In this fast paced world we live in, it’s always important to take a moment to take a break from the world, relax, and rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Be it taking a jog, floating in the pool, soaking in a tub, listening to music or doing anything that helps you wind down after a long day at work. As such, this blog will be my daily reminder to take the time out to stop, reflect and pamper my soul, in other words, stop and smell the flowers. Life is short and while we’re living this wonderful time on our beautiful earth, let’s focus our energy and spirits to feeling good; about ourselves, about the people around us and about our own living environment.

Different people find happiness and balance in different ways in their lives. I find joy when I help others feel good about themselves or their surroundings. I feel that choosing to see the beauty in everything is extremely important in living a fulfilled life. Be grateful and happy about every small little thing, and don’t sweat every small little problem, you’re really just stressing yourself out.

I’ve always believed that the home is the most important place to focus your time and energy, to ensure that your living space is harmonious, balanced and ideal for building close relationships with your family members. Here on this blog, I aim to share my tips and new discoveries to turn the home into a beautiful living space, and I hope that I will learn from everyone around too.

Life is full of wonder and beauty, lets choose to open our hearts, minds and eyes to them, carpe diem.



Catrice Review and Swatches!

Catrice Review
Catrice Review

In Singapore, drugstore brands such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Revlon can cost quite a lot, defeating the purpose of them being termed affordable makeup. Foundations can run up to $30sgd per bottle, and even with sales, they are always above $20. Not a very pleasing thing for affordable makeup bargain hunters like myself! Still, I patronise these brands because they are of good quality, and I am still not at the stage where I want to purchase high end makeup. Enter Catrice and Essence. FINALLY! An affordable drugstore brand that lives up to being affordable! While I still have some doubts as to the quality of Essence products, their sister brand, Catrice, is ever so slightly more expensive and completely fits the bill of what I’m looking for! Their chic and sophisticated packages definitely does not look cheap and of poor quality for sure. While Essence is the perfect brand to start off for teens, Catrice is the right brand to go for whatever the age range!

I adore this new brand and cannot believe it took me so long to find it. As such, over the last few months, I went a little crazy with Catrice items, and for all the items I got.. They definitely did not cost me as much as any other drugstore brand would have.

I will be posting reviews on groups of Catrice items very soon, with detailed pictures and swatches, but for now, I have already put together a very comprehensive video and mini-review so do check it out!

Products Mentioned:

Catrice Photofinish 18hr Liquid Foundation in 010 Sand Beige & 050 Deep Bronze $12.90

Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Makeup in 010 Light Beige $10.90

Hip Trip Collection Hydrating Bronzing Powder $7.90

Hip Trip Collection The Salmon Dance Nailpolish $5.90

Ultimate Nudes Nail Polish Collection $5.90 in 01 Karl Says Tres Chic, 02 Don’t Tell Mademoiselle, 05 Bonjour Cherie, 06 My Cafe Au Lait at Notre Dame, 07 Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower

Made to Stay Longlasting Cream Eyeshadows in 080 Copper&Gabbana, 060 Jennifer’s Goldrush $6.90

Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in 04 Karate with Bronze Lee & 05 Brown Town Girl $4.90 (need to check price again)

Absolute Eye Colour Quad in 090 Before or after eight? $9.90

Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 240 Hey Nude & 190 The Nuder the Better $7.90

Infinite Shine Lipgloss in 030 Rose, Would You..? $5.90

Another question a lot of viewers ask me is where can I buy Catrice in Singapore?

Well, they are available at a few guardian stores islandwide, and you can check out that page here.

Also, keep yourself updated with their product launches on their facebook page!

For international viewers, unfortunately, the Catrice stores are only available in Europe, as can be seen here.

For more reviews on Catrice, do check out Beautylish!

In UK you could possibly try this website although their collections do not seem updated…

I read in some blogs that Catrice is affiliated with the German Equivalent of UK’s Superdrug called DM which is about to launch in USA soon so it may go over to the states very soon!

I hope this quick list was helpful and stay tuned for the more detailed reviews and swatches to come!




Disclaimer: All products were personally purchased, these items were not sponsored. All reviews are 100% personal and honest.

New in! Face Shop’s New Collection ❤

So people say that Korea is one of the current hottest destinations to go to; Kpop, the food and of course… makeup! Sadly, although here in Singapore we have access to a few korean stores (Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Skin Food), they are usually a lot more expensive than in Korea, and their collection tends to come in months after it is released elsewhere. My friend Ben went to Korea about two months ago, and bought me back an eyebrow pencil I requested for, and told me that the design I asked for has gone out. A new design was in place. A design that I absolutely ADORED! The mustache line!

So the other day I was walking along the shops in Vivocity and I happened to look into The Face Shop and saw the most enticing eyeshadow singles, all from the new collection! They have finally arrived in Singapore! I was so excited that I didn’t twice to check the price and picked up about five or six singles. When I regained my composure and saw the price, my previous excitement turned into sighs. It was $8.90 for a single eyeshadow! I know compared to Mac single eyeshadows, it’s definitely already a lot cheaper, but hey, there is a reason why I don’t have that many Mac eyeshadows. Still, they were too pretty to resist and I ended up narrowing down my selection to the two that I most wanted.

There were four different ranges, Make Color Paint, I Wait Rainbows, Today Is Night Paty, and Ready To Be Gentle, all represented by different symbols on the case. I ended up buying one that looked like a Mac Satin Taupe Dupe called 04 Brownie, and a matte brown single eyeshadow 23 Toast, because, I am very much into matte shades at the moment!



Slightly dejected but still happy with my buys, I left the store determined to find out if there were cheaper alternatives online. 

I ended up finding it on none other than Gmarket! And as expected, they were half the price, even with shipping from Korea! Now, why didn’t I wait instead of buying two at the shop!

Click HERE to go the the Gmarket link I bought from! I just ordered them yesterday, so I have yet to receive them! I will definitely review the services of this Gmarket store once I get them to check for their authenticity and quality =)

Here are some swatches of the three items I bought!



no.23 Toast – Matte Yellow Toned Brown Shade


Texture: Soft and Velvetly, but not chalky.

Rating: 4/5 I love the texture, but the colour may be a little too yellow for every skin tone, good for Asian skin tones



no.04 Brownie: Taupe Brown Cool Toned Colour with Gold Specks


Texture: Satin finish, gorgeously velvet and pigmented, not chalky. 

Rating: 5/5 I ADORE this colour! It’s an almost perfect dupe of my favourite Mac Satin Taupe colour at more than half the price!



no.05 Dark Grey: Angled Eyebrow Pencil with a Spoolie


Texture: Relatively dry, easy to work with, very natural

Rating: 4/5 I have always loved these Face Shop eyebrow pencils as they have a spoolie and the formula creates a soft and natural look, but it

seems to have become a tad bit too grey and black than the previous formula, will probably look too grey for cool toned skin types. 




So will I re-purchase this range? Of course I would! I already did and I do intend to slowly build up this lovely collection of mustaches and such! I love them and will definitely recommend them to you!  I hope this quick post was helpful!



Have you seen this new collection? What do you think of the packaging and products? Have you tried it out? Please share your thoughts with me! =)

Have a lovely day!





Morning Skincare Routine

Hi Beauties!

My skin has shown significant improvement over the last few weeks, and I’ve been sticking to a pretty careful and gentle skincare routine! Since I’ve had requests to do a skincare routine video/blog, here it is!

I have been loving the Japanese brands for skincare and I guess they suit Asian skin types better since they were formulated for Asians? Hm… Not sure about that but I’m glad I decided to give them a try! My skin has shown significant improvement and I feel confident enough about this routine to share it with you! =)

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Review: Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof Falsies Mascara

I’ve been moping around whining about the lack of variety of drugstore products in Singapore and being grumpy about how it just utterly kills the mood for makeup browsing. I’ve been spoilt for choice in Boots and Superdrug, and coming back home to see only half the amount of product variety on the shelves makes me miss London even more! Hence my turn of focus to Asian products and the huge Gmarket store that I can’t find in UK.

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August Bellabox! Very Much Overdue I Know >.<


Hi Beauties!

I know this post comes very much overdue, and to be honest.. I have yet to try the products in the bellabox this month since I’ve been trying all the other stuff I have so that I can review them!

So here’s a quick post to let you know what I got in my Bellabox and to give you a brief background to the products and brands that I have never encountered before =) I will be slowly reviewing them as I get through them haha.. This month I was definitely happier with my products as compared to last month.. I just felt that the package was much more worth it than the previous month!

If you have no idea what bellabox is, it’s a monthly subscription box with 5 of the latest prestige, boutique and cult beauty products from around the world. A monthly subscription is $19.95, and if you purchase a 12 month package, you get 1 month free! A monthly subscription can be cancelled anytime as well so there’s no worry about giving this a go!

As usual, it came in a pink box, but since this month is National Day, it came with a bag too which I love!

Isn’t this bag adorable? Although I’m not a fan of cheesy I heart SG stuff, I must say I love this!

At a glance, I was most excited about trying Benefit’s Porefessional and China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps!

I happened to recently purchase another red glittered CG nail polish but I must say there are definite differences! I will so a swatch for you guys soon =)

The next few items I’ve really never heard of before haha.. Waiting to see how they work! I’m kind of scared to try some stuff though, since my skin in going through a sensitive phase, but I will definitely give them a go soon!

I definitely haven’t heard of this brand before, but from the little I know, it is a Swiss brand! This product is part of their 1st Line collection which uses deep cleansing action to remove dirt and grime thoroughly without stripping skin of its precious protective oils and always replenishes moisture and nutrients. I got the Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage which according to their website: “contains a balanced level of good bacteria to eliminate dead cells and comedones, unblock pores and strengthen the skin’s outermost layer to defend against aggressions and bacteria. Supported with bitter almond acid and a soothing flora blend, this renewal gel maintains the skin’s natural moisture barrier and gives new radiance and softness as tired skin is nourished.”

Another brand I haven’t heard of before as well, but after some research, I found out that it is an Australian brand that is newly launched and pretty pricey in my opinion! A single pack mask costs about $8.95 Aussie dollars! I am honestly really interested to see whether this is worth its buck, so I am going to try this out tonight! haha. Excited much =D Check out their website here.

The last two item brands I’m sure you’ve heard of before as well so I won’t comment much about them yet since I haven’t tried them out!

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with this month’s bellabox! It didn’t let me down and I’m pretty excited about trying out the new brands! Look out for item reviews soon! =D

Have a good week ahead ^^